11 September 2011

PRULife Ready

What is PRULife Ready ?

PRULife Ready is fully customizable financial plan created by Prudential. PRULife Ready allows you take secure your future and invest for as low as RM100 per month .
The financial plan is so flexible to meet your needs. You will be able to choose the specific amount of money that will go towards getting protection riders
Our customers can customize protection needs to fit their unique needs and lifestyle. Our riders that our clients can choose from can be from the following
a)      Health and Medical Coverage
b)      Accident Riders
c)       Life Coverage
d)      36 Critical Illness
e)      Female illness
f)       Savings

Listen to Busco :- R U Ready ?

If you are interested in listening to Busco R U Ready while surfing our product page . Please feel free to click on the Youtube below

How is PRULife Ready different from the other insurance companies ?

No 1. We recognize and reward your milestones and or goals in life
PRULife Ready celebrates the joy of achieving your goals and milestones by giving you RM500 when you enter into a new phase of life such as :
a) Getting married
b) Childbirth
c) Doubling of your salary
d) Buying a new home
e) Traveling to 10 different countries

No 2:- Unique Protection Riders (Affordable and Comprehensive)

PruMedic essential is a medical plan covers your medical costs in the hospital. Special to this plan is that you will receive Daily Hospital Cash Allowance up to RM400 per day.
That means if someone is in hospital for 5 days and the bill is RM10,000 we will pay the cost minus co-insurance AND also pay the customer RM2000 (RM400 x 5 days) in a cash Cheque.
We also waive any co-insurance if you are admitted to Malaysian Government Hospital and when you suffer from Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or Critical Illness.
For customers who opt for a PruHealth we even give them back non-claim bonus for every year that they do not claim.

Pays your bill and also pays you extra allowance while in the Hospital

Giving you a coverage that will increase as you grow older

Imagine also paying a same premium and also enjoying your life coverage growing automatically from the 5th, 8th , 11th and 14th year of the anniversary of the plan.
Now you don’t have to worry about inflation and upgrading your plan as we automatically do it for you without increasing your premium.
Example :- You have purchased a life policy around RM50,000 with 4 PruLife Growth Units. On year 5 you your sum assured will increase to RM70,000 and year 8th it will be RM90,000 . On year 11th it will be RM110,000 and Year 14 it will be RM130,000. Effectively more than double what you started without paying any extra premium

Better returns :- Your own lifestyle and your own retirement fund with (PruLifestyle saver)

Take charge of your money ! From as low as RM50 a month you can start a lifestyle fund to pay for your new hobby, travelling expenses or your second home.
PruLife Ready allows you to chose the type of fund you are investing (e.g. Local or Foreign | Syariah-Compliant | Non Syariah )
The funds have been doing very well e.g. PruLink Equity fund over the last 5 years have averaged a return of 9% per annum.  Why settle for a low interest bank account when you can have more ?
We also allow our customers to flexi-withdraw their money. So if you need cash just contact Prudential and we will issue you a cheque within 7 working days.
You can check the performance of your funds by checking unit prices published daily or through the Prudential website.

Gratitude to parents plus Unemployment Benefit

To appreciate our loved ones, PruLife Ready has an option to  pay our loved ones a yearly income for up to 20 years. Ensuring the blow of a loss of life to be minimal to the family.

If Unemployment occurs, you may not have the financial ability to pay your insurance plan. Do not worry PruLife Ready will keep your  insurance active for up to 6 months or when you find a new job (whichever is earlier).  

Life Rewards Early Starters

If you purchase an insurance/saving plan at a younger age you will enjoy a lower premium and more benefits. The premium that you pay will not increase so you can have even more savings during the older years.
E.g. If a person buy a plan costing RM100 per month  at the age of 23 years old, when the person reaches 55 years old they will just continue paying just RM100. Given the effects on discount on future dollar this is a great way to plan for the future by starting young. What more can we say, the earlier you start the more money you have saved for the future.

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