20 July 2011

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We are Integrated Bumiputra financial Services which believe in developing High Flyers and quality Leaders as Financial Advisers.
We are offering Qualified Bumiputra who are ambitious and willing to excel and become Financially Independent with our UK Partners Prudential assurance Plc. UK.Training are provided with a condusive working environment.
We guaranteed your success with our proven simple system and provided Financial Support who dares to take up a Full Time Career with us.
Those who believe they deserved a better and quality lifestyles and who loves overseas travels are strongly encouraged to apply. Just email us at muhammadirfan@yahoo.com.my or Tel 012-3491560.
1)Be a Prudential Wealth Planner!

With Prudential, your path towards success as a Prudential Wealth Planner is well charted and clear. Starting off with Personal Sales, you begin as a New Quality Agent. After undergoing training and exams, you will qualify as a certified Wealth Planner and from there you will gain valuable knowledge in the field and benefit from progressive personal development.
Your experiences will help instil leadership qualities that will prepare you for a role model as a Wealth Manager. As you advance in your career, you will gradually scale the different levels of a Wealth Manager from Executive to Senior and Premier levels, concentrating more on Agency Building where you will be managing Quality Agents. Eventually, you will reach the peak of your career as the head of a Premier Agency Leader Corporation where your focus will be dedicated on the corporatisation of your very own agency.
2) Why Prudential?
A Wealth of Experience
  • Prudential offers over 160 years of listening to our customers and understanding their financial and protection needs. This is in line with our Mission: Together Securing Your Future. It is only when we work hand in hand with our customers can we provide them with the highest levels of service that they have come to expect from us.
  • As part of Prudential plc. United Kingdom (UK), one of the largest financial services groups in the world, Prudential in Malaysia is backed by global expertise to provide Malaysians with a comprehensive and complete range of financial solutions catering to their savings, protection, investment and retirement needs.
  • Carrying a full complement of product consisting of Life Insurance, Takaful, General Insurance, Unit Trust and Will Writing including award-winning funds to Syariah compliant solutions, Prudential has it all to cater to the needs of Malaysians from all walks of life.
  • Prudential Assurance Malaysia backed by 2 acclaimed establishments, both experts in their own fields: -Prudential Fund Management Berhad (PFMB) & Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN)
Investment Expertise Worldwide
  • Prudential boasts a strong and solid track record in product leadership
  • Our network of financial experts from all over the globe offers professional insights that keep us ahead in product innovation
Superior Market Knowledge
A leader in product innovation
- Pioneer of the investment-linked product in 1997
- First to introduce a unique Crisis Cover Income and Major Medical Coverage in 1998
- First to launch an innovative,regular premium investment-linked education plan in 2000
Untiring efforts to champion customer-centric products to meet the needs of various segments of the Malaysia population.
3)How will Prudential help you?
Agency Financing Scheme
To build a new business may mean to same, a temporary suspension of income. it is for this reason that the Prudential Agency Financing Scheme is structured to supplement your income so that you are free from financial barriers in your path to success.
- PRUbusiness Academy -The academy’s role is to impart knowledge, guidance and training to Quality Agents to develop their career progress. Covering a comprehensive range of courses and learning programs, the academy provides specialized classes to suit the various levels of the Prudential Wealth Planner. This includes Sales & Financial Planning, Products & Technical training, Personal Effectiveness coaching, Agency Management and Leadership.
- PRUway -
As a Prudential Wealth Planner,you will always be on the go. That is way Prudential has designed an innovative point of sales system so that you have the mobility to meet with your customers to conduct sales or to provide service, anytime, anywhere. With PRUway, you also enjoy the convenience of accessing accurate financial calculations and analysis to further enhance your professional relationship with your clients.
4)Towards your dreams with Prudential
Potential Income as a Prudential Wealth Planner
The income model above provides an illustration of the income you can expect to draw when you become a Prudential Wealth Planner.
Let’s in your first year, you are able to bring in RM200,000 worth of Life & Takaful cases, RM25,000 worth of General Insurance cases and RM250,000 worth of Unit Trust cases.
In the first year itself, you will make a commission of RM50,000 (from Life & Takaful), RM5,000 (from General Insurance) and RM7,500(from Unit Trust). That means you make on commission alone, RM62,500 in your first year!
In the following years, with renewals, continued commitment and dedication your commissions will increase progressively and by the fourth yea, you could be drawing an income of RM249,500 annually! That’s an average of approximately RM21,000 a month! With your drive and skills, the sky is the limit
Prudential’s agents are known for their productiveness as compared to other industries, which thus translates to twice as much in earnings.

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